Running a blog one zero one

  Running a blog a hundred and one is almost always in regards to the running a blog
  vocabulary. To have an understanding of blogs, you have to understand
  the terms weblog, platform, domain, and net host.
  After you have mastered these key elements of
  running a blog, you can enter any dialog about
  running a blog with self assurance. After you realize what
  exactly a weblog is, you are going to be in your technique to
  passing the final exam of running a blog 101.

  Web publication is brief for blog, which without difficulty way a
  sequence of online posts awarded in reverse
  chronological order. That's all! Most blogs are text,
  but there are also snapshot blogs and video blogs. The
  leisure of blogging a hundred and one has to do with the technical
  part of matters. In case you are setting up a web publication, you're going to
  desire a platform, a web host, and a site. A
  blogging platform is a pc software program
  that allows you to write down posts and to update your
  web publication. Your platform can also be what you utilize to design
  the appear of your weblog, from color scheme to font
  dimension. The net host is variety of like the digital file
  cabinet where your blog is saved. Your laptop
  communicates with the host whilst you upload or
  edit a publish. The area is the web tackle of
  your weblog, and ordinarily ends in ‘dot com'. Now that
   what a web publication is, what a platform is, and
  what domains and hosts are, congratulate yourself!
  You've got handed running a blog one zero one.